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Enrolments – 3 Year Old Program

Am I eligible to apply for the 3 Year Old Kindergarten program?

To be eligible for the 3 year old program, your child must turn 3 by January 31 in the year they attend Pre-School.

Your enrolment application will be accepted by the Pre-School from the time your child turns 2 years of age.

How do I apply for a position in the 3 Year Old program at Farm Road?

Applications for the 3 year old program may be submitted via the form in the link below:

3 year old Application Form Farm Rd Kinder

Please note:

Attending 3 Year Old Kinder at Farm Road Pre-School does NOT automatically guarantee a place in our 4 Year Old Kinder program.

Applications for 4 Year Old Sessional Kinder must be made via the City of Kingston Central Enrolment Scheme from the 1st of May in the year prior to attending 4 Year Old Kinder.

Selection criteria:

The selection criteria used if there are more applications than places available are as follows:

  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and children known to Child Protection.
  2. Children who were eligible to attend in the previous year but deferred, withdrew from the service on or before the last day of Term 1 in the previous year, or are repeating 3 Year Old Pre-School.
  3. Children whose immediate families reside or work in the City of Kingston.

What is the enrolment process?

  1. Fill in the application form via the link above;
  2. Lodge your application, along with the non-refundable application fee (as specified on the application form) to the Farm Road Pre-School;
  3. The Pre-School will acknowledge receipt of your application within 1 month;
  4. The Enrolment Officer will order all applications by date received, and apply the selection criteria;
  5. Kindergarten allocations will commence in July/August in the year before Kinder – the Enrolment Officer will send out letters of offer to those who have been allocated a position;
  6. Families will have the opportunity to accept or decline a position. If a position is declined, or not accepted within a reasonable timeframe*, the next family on the waiting list will be offered the position;
  7. Offers are made until all available positions** are filled.

*   The Pre-School will make all reasonable attempts to contact the applicant before an offer is rescinded.

** The number of positions available each year are subject to change.

Want more information on the Farm Road Enrolment Policy?

Contact the Farm Road Preschool on 9584 2328 or